MDRN, LLC Privacy Policy

This document uses the same terminology and abbreviations as our Terms of Service document. This Privacy Policy governs the collection, use and storage of Information obtained from Users through the use of our Site.

We may obtain some of your personal Information in order to provide our Services. The Information we collect is necessary to provide our Services, and we shall not collect any Information which is not required by the nature of our Services. We may collect some of the following personal Information: email address, instagram login, facebook login, pinterest login, twitter login and Linkedin login information.

We will collect your email address on a basis of your consent and in the interest of providing our services.

We will collect your email address when you register an account with us. We will use the email address to create an account for you and to send you notifications about your account such as when you forget your password, if we change our Privacy policy , or if there was a data breach. We will also collect your email address when you place an order, make a payment or using our services. MDRN, LLC will also collect your email when you contact us through our email support at

We do not sell, rent personal information to any Third-Party. MDRN, LLC will collect information for our internal and marketing purposes, as necessary by the nature of the Services, and only in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy and how the information is handled please feel free to contact us at